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Volunteer positions are available for the 24 Hour Trial, interested persons are encouraged to express their interest by filling out the online form here at www.24hrtrial.com.  The online form includes contact details and provides the opportunity for volunteers to indicate which areas they are interested in volunteering for, these areas are outlined below.
When you submit an expression of interest your name will be placed on our volunteer list and the Committee will be in touch with you closer to the time of the event.


Previous experience is not required but obviously if you have relevant previous experience we would like to build on that. After you have filled in your contact details and selected the areas you would like to volunteer in, you will find a box labelled ‘Other Information’, here you can enter any experience or qualifications you may have (e.g. experienced in Control Keeping, Documents etc.).

2022 24 Hour Trial
2022 24 Hour Trial



Registering and signing in the competitors as they arrive on Friday afternoon, (approx 3 hours) making sure they have all the relevant documents, sighting licences and issuing competitor numbers. Start time 3:00pm.


The pit marshals direct the competitors to the pits after their machines have been scrutinised, and have them place the machine in an organised manner before starting. A marshal has control of directing competitors and spectators in the pit area. Friday 3.00pm – 6:00pm and Saturday 9:00am to be confirmed.


For safety the competitors must adhere to strict rules when refuelling their machines, a Fuel Stop Marshal has the job of monitoring the competitors when refuelling. Has control over the public which are not allowed to enter the refuelling and maintenance areas. Start time will be dependent on fuel stop location, will be breaks between each lap.


Controls are usually run by a group such as a club or organisation, but anyone can put a group of people together for this task. Experience is preferred but not necessary if you are assisting with other experienced people. The control keepers task is to set up a manned checkpoint pre-determined on the course for the duration of the event. Controls must be set up ready to go before the arrival of the first competitor, to check in and out competitors recording their arrival a departure times & communicating information to the radio network operator also based at the control. A Control Keepers meeting is always held one week prior to the event.


Also known as secret control, the location of a Route Check can be on part of the course where a diversion for classes has been set, or if the location of competitors is required (usually in remote areas). Competitors must stop at a route check and have their time card signed.


Machine recovery requires a utility vehicle or a vehicle and trailer, the job requires driving out to any of the control checkpoints and recover any broken down machine. This may include bringing back the rider and passenger (in the case of a sidecar). The utility or trailer must be large enough to carry a full size sidecar.


Broken into groups sweep riders are required to ride the course before and after the competitors, on laps 1 and 4. They are to open and close gates, check the condition of the course and report into controls. High experience or expert level of riding ability and MA Licence is required. Machine must be registered and roadworthy.


Based at main control this job may vary from interpreting competitor time card times, to the input of data on the computers. Can run on a rotational shift.


You will be required to travel the road/transport stages of the course (public roads tracks) and collect the many course markers, this task only begins after the final competitor completes the stages on the final lap, can be done by a group.